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The Oaks . . . a studio cottage surrounded by oak trees, also with a view of Boonville.

The Breezeway . . . two bedroom cottage in the hills overlooking Anderson Valley.

Creekside . . . a small one bedroom cottage on the valley floor tucked between Soda Creek and a local vineyard, just 3 minutes to Boonville.

Boonville DownTown . . . a very small 'Dwell' like cottage hidden in Boonville overlooking a large vineyard.

The Buckeye . . . a large one bedroom cottage surrounded by the hills above Boonville with pastoral views from every window.

Valley View . . . Except for Boonville Downtown, cottages are on a 500 acre ranch in the hills overlooking the valley.

A Pond . . . and hiking trails on the ranch, of which the Boonville Downtown guests can also take advantage.

Vacation rentals... the new, preferred style to travel... with all the conveniences and privacy of home... instead of dealing with an innkeeper and/or other guests, imagine one of these cottages or homes to be yours while you relax, enjoy and explore the Anderson Valley and Boonville or the Ukiah area... with your friends and family and of course, your canine companions!
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